Following is the list of the most FAQs and their respective answers. If you didn’t get what you are looking for, please contact us via e-mail, chat, or messenger. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

  • Yes, we do. We are passionate about making unique pieces depending on your custom needs. If you want, you may send us a mail at [email protected] or leave a message on Instagram to get more information on placing a custom order from us.
  • Please keep in mind that we don’t provide refunds or returns on the custom orders as they are specially designed and made only for you. If you find it defective when you receive it, we will make it again for you.
  • You may be pleased to know that we also provide wholesale options for you. Yes, and we ship our items to the country that you would like to get your items delivered to.
  • If you own a business & if you are looking for the best store to buy products in bulk, please feel free to contact us anytime.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the address once an order is placed and shipped out to a previous address.
  • And if your parcel is left out during the shipment because of the wrong address you mentioned, we will not be responsible for that. So, please ensure to check and provide the correct address before you place an order.

Well, it’s so simple! You can ship your item back to us at the below address:

6000 Columbus Ave, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Padme Jewels will not be liable to pay the shipping cost when returning or shipping the items back to us. You will have to pay the shipping cost until or unless the return is made due to defective or damaged items.

– We would advise you to take off your ring when working out, taking a shower, or bathing. Just keep it aside when applying lotions, creams, hairspray, or other chemicals, like acetone.

When cleaning the stones, make use of a soft brush so it won’t cause any scrape. Scrub it gently with warm & mild foaming water to remove any dirt inflation altogether.

Wash out the stones carefully in warm water as the foam scum takes place very quickly. After that, you may soothe it dry with clean and soft stuff.

Please note that you do not use tissues to clean, wash, or dry your jewellery.

– Yes, we do! We provide Engraving for free of cost. If you’re interested in getting your ring engraved, please be sure to contact us before we ship out your order.

Once your order is shipped, we can no longer add engraving, so please ensure that you submit a request right BEFORE you buy an item or soon AFTER you make an order.

– Unfortunately, it doesn’t make your order process faster if you opt for Express shipping. Please note that Express or priority shipping is only for USPS when we receive your parcel. It will not speed up your order.

If you want your order to be delivered in no time, please contact us. We will let you know if we can make it faster for you.

– Yes, we do offer a payment plan where you have to pay approximately 25% to 50% when you place an order, and the rest you can pay at the time of delivery.

– No, we do not only sell our jewellery in Silver, but we can make all of our jewellery in platinum as well.

– Yes, we do provide wholesale options. If you plan to run a small business or want to purchase jewellery in bulk, please reach out to us via e-mail or send a direct message on Instagram & Messenger.