We will make all the products shown in the store, on demand for you. Our jewelry experts can make any kind of jewelry you like to order from us within two weeks. We ship our products worldwide with low-cost & fast delivery.

Any duties or taxes collected by your state government will be liable to you. Padme Jewels will not superintend these taxes, so be sure to check the prices based on your province or country.

Please keep in mind that Express Shipping won’t eliminate the processing time. It will remain the same; all it does to reduce your delivery time to 5-7 days. In contrast, economy shipping takes 17-19 days to deliver a product to your doorstep. You will get a tracking number on your registered mobile number along with your order id when your order is shipped.

We guarantee all items for the final purchase price from start to finish until it reaches the final destination. At the time of your product delivery, we would require the e-signature of a person who receives it.

Please be sure that Padme Jewels would not be held liable for delays caused by the carrier or person due to sudden weather changes.

Difference between Express/Expedited Shipping and Economy/Standard Shipping:


Express Shipping

Economy Shipping

Price (USD)



Delivery Time

1 Week (Normally)

10-15 Days (Normally)




Tracking Number



Tracking History





Not required


DHL / FedEx / UPS / USPS / India Post

Things to keep in mind:

  • We strive hard to deliver almost all our items within 5-7 days.
  • Standard or Economy Shipping generally takes 17-19 days to deliver a product to you.
  • In case the delivery gets delayed by the person due to some unexpected weather conditions, we will not be accountable for that because it’s something that is out of our control.