What to know when considering the best diamond earrings?


In the past few years, we have witnessed diamond earrings making their position in main fashion. With the fashion of minimal jewelry and the stacked earrings trend, lab made diamond earrings are the apt gift-to-self or surprise gift for someone you love. Check out our blog which is about the diamond earrings buying guide.

This is a blog if you are planning to shop for diamond earrings, you must go through before proceeding with any purchase. 

Are you planning to give someone a pair of diamond stud earrings but are not sure what to consider or choose? Should you go for small or large diamonds? Which color should you choose? Set your budget? 

Well, this is the sole purpose of this blog to help you choose the best stud diamond earrings for your loved one. 

Things to consider while purchasing Diamond Stud earrings:

Buying diamond earrings doesn’t have to be a matter of rocket science if you know what you have to do. Here’s a quick list of how to purchase the right diamond earrings for you.

What is the occasion? 

Ideally speaking, for a woman, there is no need for an occasion to purchase diamonds. However, let’s talk about various occasions and what you can wear accordingly. Whether you are planning to gift someone on their birthday, buying it for yourself to wear it at a party, a professional meeting, the best way to grace your lobes is wearing a pair of dazzling solitaire lab grown diamond stud earrings. 

Ascertain a budget for yourself:

The first step is to set a budget for yourself. There’s no specific price catalog for diamond earrings. These can range from $500 to $10,000. It’s up to you how much you are willing to spend. Below is a quick breakdown of the average cost of diamond stud earrings according to their carat size if you purchase from Padme Jewels:

Understand the important 4C’s of diamond:

Selecting the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings demands a bit of knowledge about the stones. The GIA 4Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight – are the broad standard for determining diamond quality. 

When choosing a diamond, you want to get the best quality for your desirable price. Let’s check out the important 4C’s of diamond to select your ideal diamond stud earrings:


The color majorly influences the price. Transparent colorless diamonds are the most costly on the market. Diamonds can have a slight yellow, green, pink, and even gray tint. These diamonds are more reasonable. 


The clarity Scale developed demands for continuity in ascertaining a stone’s clarity. The clarity of a stone is set on by its internal flaws, tiny defects within the diamond. 

Your diamond earrings are less likely to display your stone’s imperfections and flaws from your ear lobes, whether concealed behind your hair.


While you can escape with going lower in color and clarity for diamond studs, diamond cut is one thing you shouldn’t compromise with. As mentioned before, diamond studs are usually viewed from a distance. 

This makes diamond cut, the dimensions of how well a diamond was cut, even more crucial. If you want your studs to shine from a distance, you’ll want to choose diamonds that are well trimmed.

If you plan on opting for round brilliant diamond studs, ensure the diamonds have either Excellent or Very Good cut grades. 

Carat Weight

The carat weight will make an impression. The bigger the carat, the bigger the stone. For diamond earrings, you can only wear a definite weight to stay snug. You should shop from 0.10 Ct to 4.00 Ct diamond earrings.

Best earring styles you should know about:

Diamond earrings add stunning equilibrium like no other to every outfit, making them the ideal gift for every event. While diamond earrings are the most loved accessory, there are so many types, sizes and varieties to select from, and it can get a little surprising! But there’s no need to worry — the jewelry experts at Padme Jewels are here to help with the quick Guide to Diamond Earrings:

Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are ideal for women of all ages and blend flawlessly with every style! Diamond studs always flaunt a clean-cut, vintage look you’ll never grow exhausted of. Explore our current variety of stud earrings today to find your perfect earrings.

Dangle drop earrings

The name speaks for itself designed to droop below their setting, this indistinctive, feminine style gives the wearer a truly royal look! 

Drop earrings come in a species of styles including hoops and chandeliers. Diamond drop earrings are sure to attract the sunlight as they clout with every motion, shining more than ever before!

Hoop earrings

While the diamond studs are compatible with vintage, classic style, diamond hoop earrings are most ideal for those looking to make a truly ravishing statement! 

Diamond hoops are available in a wide range of sizes and widths. Classic or trendy hoops are ideal for formal attire and daily wear! Our wide variety of hoop earrings get along with a variety of styles—from shy and classic to bold and dramatic!

Chandelier earrings

These earrings are a blend of diamonds and metals swinging from the ear to below the earlobe. They usually highlight several dangling stones or metal pieces that shine as they move.

Best earring back styles:

Backings play an important role to keep earrings intact and avoid the loss of fine jewelry and valuable gemstones. Below are a few details of the most popular styles of earring backings:


This backing style has a hollowed end on the earring’s post–the part that passes through the ear–that fastens into a secure back to hold the jewelry intact. Screw backings are more usually seen in premium gold and platinum earrings, to ensure valuable jewelry doesn’t slide from the ear.


Push backs are the most used earring backing. Composed of a straight post that is fit into a small metal piece behind the ear, these backs not only retain the earring intact, but many are interchangeable. This makes them very easy to exchange in case you misplace one. Push backs are often called “butterflies” due to the unique shape of the metal piece.


The French back is an arc of metal that hangs around the back of the ear to hold the earring intact and clinches over the post where it pops up behind the earlobe. Although it is safe and comfortable, this backing is not quite as long-lasting as other styles.


Often witnessed on hoop earrings, latch backs are a slightly curved piece of metal that slips through the ear and clinches into a metal cleft on the backside of the earring. The tapered ends of the “U” shape of the cleft ensure the metal piece remains in the latch, fastening the earring to the ear.


Like a latch back earring, the lever back depends on a fishhook of metal that goes through the ear and is fastened to a pivoted lever that pleats out of the back of the earring. This backing is ideal for large, valuable earrings.


Long term, short story of this blog is you need to have every detail about the diamond earrings buying guide before you go to purchase. Also, it’s important to set your budget and buy accordingly.