4 Engagement ring trends to know for 2023

Our blog “4 Engagement Ring Trends to Know for 2023” has seen partners putting a great deal of creativity and thought into their engagement rings. A popular trend has been the use of unique gemstones and infusing personal stories into the design. Consumers are drawn to rings that are distinctive, whether they are bespoke or from a well-known jewellery brand. Read our blog below to know more about 2023 Engagement ring trends.

In 2023, couples looking to propose will be pleased to know that engagement ring styles are evolving significantly. Rather than the conventional solitaires, partners are choosing rings that mirror their individuality. This year, it’s all about showcasing personality and originality with your engagement ring. Some of the popular trends that you can expect to see are Anti-cut diamond rings, Bezel set diamond rings, and Toi et Moi rings that feature a combination of gemstones and diamonds.

As we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that “quality and uniqueness will be paramount” as stated by Kate Baxter, the founder of The Cut London. London-based jeweller Ruth Tomlinson agrees, adding that “customers desire their jewellery to reflect their own personal style and identity.” Caroline Chalmer, CEO and Co-founder of Finematter, also emphasises the importance of practicality, stating that “an engagement ring should endure a lifetime, but it should also be comfortable to wear daily.”

Let’s take a look at some of our best engagement rings you should not miss this 2023:

• Rings with colored stones:

The popularity of center stones that are not diamonds has been on the rise in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Experts predict that “coloured stones will be in high demand for a long time” says Hammon. Zhang also notes that her team has been receiving more requests for coloured stones than ever before. “Colored gemstones can be used as the main stone or as accents” she says. “Colored gemstones are a great way to achieve a unique look. These rings are special and bridal, but also have a bold and distinct appearance.”

• Bezel set:

If you prefer a classic or minimalist style, you will likely appreciate a bezel-set engagement ring. This setting involves encasing the diamond in a metal ring that holds it securely, resulting in a smooth, seamless edge. This type of setting can be applied to various diamond cuts, but it is most commonly paired with a round or oval diamond. The actress Rooney Mara accepted a proposal with a unique hexagon shaped diamond set in white gold with a bezel setting.

• Vintage-inspired:

If you like the style of old-fashioned engagement rings, you have a few options. You can try looking at local antique jewellery stores or ask your partner’s grandparents if they have any family heirlooms that you could use. If you prefer a new ring with a vintage look, many jewellery stores have fancy designs that look like old-fashioned rings or you can even make your own custom design. Even if your ring is new, it will be considered vintage one day, so why not choose a ring that has a classic and elegant look.

• Three-stone:

Three-stone engagement rings boast an abundance of diamonds, thus amplifying the allure and radiance of the ring. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, these rings are imbued with a deeper significance, as the three diamonds are traditionally symbolic of a couple’s shared history, current bond, and future aspirations. Truly a romantic and sentimental choice.

• Cluster:

Cluster rings have emerged as a prominent trend in recent years, owing in part to the influence of notable figures such as Ariana Grande. These rings, characterized by the asymmetrical arrangement of diamonds, continue to hold significant sway in the realm of bridal jewellery. Without the constraints of symmetry, they afford the opportunity to create a truly unique and personal style.

• Half moon:

Half moon engagement rings feature a half-moon shaped diamond or gemstone as the centerpiece and smaller stones on the side. They are a unique and elegant choice for a non-traditional ring. The half-moon shape adds a touch of whimsy and femininity, symbolizing growth and new beginnings, making it a romantic and meaningful choice.

• Toi Et Moi:

Toi et Moi engagement rings feature two gemstones side by side, symbolizing the union of two people. The two stones chosen are often diamonds and sapphires, creating a unique and elegant look. The setting can vary, like one stone on top of the other or side by side. It’s a perfect non-traditional choice for those who want a timeless and elegant ring to symbolize their love.


Creating a custom-made engagement ring is the ultimate way to ensure that your ideal ring becomes a reality. By collaborating with a seasoned designer and jeweler, you can seamlessly blend elements from your preferred celebrity engagement rings to craft a breathtaking and exclusive ring. 

Whether you seek to embrace the latest trend, such as the Toi et Moi style, or opt for a more traditional option like a Bezel set engagement ring, PadmeJewels is the premier destination for all your customizable forever jewellery needs. Schedule your one-on-one appointment today and embark on the journey of bringing the ring of your, or your partner’s, dreams to fruition.