Guide to the Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes


Tell us what is the most important thing that matters when you get to decide the best engagement ring for your partner. If you ask us, without a second thought, we would say “the diamond shape”. And since this is an accessory you are going to wear and cherish it forever, you need to make sure that it is of your preferred shape and style. So, scroll down to our blog that is about the guide to the popular engagement ring shapes.

Whether you are planning to get engaged, married or propose to somebody, it’s always safer to be aware of the different engagement ring shapes so that the whole selection process is less frightening. 

Envision about what’s more essential to you in daily jewelry. Do you go for a more contemporary look, or do you have a secret liking towards vintage/antique jewelry? Do you go for a huge diamond stone or a simple yet elegant single stone?

To make your choices smooth and turmoil-free, we’ve assembled an extensive guide to the most prominent and well-known diamond shapes.

• Cushion Cut

If you or your partner is pretty romantic or organized by nature, “Cushion cut” is the best diamond shape for your engagement ring. Boho brides are quite fond of cushion cut engagement rings as this diamond cut characterizes alleviated edges and large surfaces, which adds it some explicit additional shine and antique glamor. Not to body-talk but, go for a cushion cut for healthier hands – huge stones and attractively bolder designs will look cajole on girls with larger hands.

• Princess Cut

This cut is the second most popular diamond shape. First off, this cut is a best go-to as it blends in almost any style of ring. The extra surfaces of the princess cut adds glitter and make blemishes less visible, so princess diamonds are one of the least costly diamond shapes. 

Ensure to opt for a vigilant setting, though, as princess-cut diamonds are famous for damaging at the edges or falling out. 

• Baguette Cut

Another 20th century-oriented Art Deco-style cut, baguette diamonds present a long, rectangular shape and 14 surfaces. These are perfectly apt for a bride who is least bothered about the garish center stone. 

This diamond is usually available in two varieties: straight or cone-shaped. A straight baguette has a perfect rectangular shape, while a tapered baguette has corners that angle circumscribed. Since baguette diamonds are tiny, they’re mostly used as side stones on a ring setting. 

• Round Cut

Gold engagement rings with a round-cut diamond are the most opted choice for an engagement ring. It is also the most costly one, for many reasons – first off, round cut stones need an ideal equilibrium and accuracy of the rough stone. 

This shape also requires a larger rough stone, so if you want something traditional and deluxe it is your choice.

• Emerald Cut

Illustrated by a rectangular step cut, an open table, and adjusted corners, the emerald cut diamond is usually supported for its Art Deco adroit. This type of ring is appropriate for a girl who is stylish, charismatic, and exquisite. 

If your girl is detail-oriented and pays attention to the minimal tidbit, then  this shape is absolutely for her. 

• Marquise Cut

This elongated marquise cut shape makes your fingers look long and slim. This is especially suitable for those who are absolutely carefree with selecting their ring style. These shaped rings have a maximized carat weight. If the ring is not cut properly, this can be very visible and is usually displeasing. 

• Oval Cut

This delicate design widens any hand thanks to its amazingly aligned shape. The oval cut looks better the larger it is, but a halo of diamonds can give that fantasy for less. Its long shape can make any smaller engagement ring look bigger. 

• Radiant Cut

Making its first appearance in the 1970s, a radiant shape highlights a complex edge style that focuses a diamond’s glow. The stone’s face is assembled with square corners, and it spotlights 70 that lets out light to mirror from all angles. 

• Pear Cut

Also, famous as “teardrop” rings, these look both womanly and trailblazing. This distinctive shape is an absolute go-to for antique-inspired brides who perform by their own set of regulations and believe in this theory of two is better than one. 

• Asscher Cut

Not to be bewildered with an emerald-cut diamond shape, an Asscher-cut diamond has a square shape with intense, cropped corners that parallel cropped edges. 

Since it doesn’t have sharp corners, it’s not subject to damage, and it looks great in a variety of settings. This cut does, perhaps, need you to spend in a high-quality diamond with lots of visibility, as it happens to show flaws. 

• Heart Cut

The name says it all. This diamond shape is a gospel sign of love. You may end up paying more to your craftsman since it is a fancy-shaped diamond cut ring. 

• Trillion Cut

Unlike any other diamond shape mentioned above, a trillion-cut stone has a distinctive triangle shape. Its three equal sides unite to create a resolute, sharp look with intense brilliance.

• Rose Diamond Cut

Pretty much like its name infers, a rose-cut diamond is meant to feature the petals of a rose. This is preferably cut by hand with lesser surfaces, which demonstrates why it looks unusual from modern day cuts. 

While a brilliant-cut diamond has a covering in a pointed “V” shape that lets the light mirror off the facets, a rose-cut diamond does not have a pavilion. Rather, the leveled bottom produces a look that’s more glazed and polished than it is flashy. 

How to choose the best engagement ring shape?

If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring that you’d cherish for a lifetime, the shape has to be of your taste and lifestyle. 

Are you easygoing? Do you often use your hands regularly? Well, then you might go for a solitaire setting that has less accentuated diamonds.

If you’re looking for an extravagant, melodramatic ring, you have multiple options that are flashy like a halo, three-stone or vintage setting.

In this segment, we will try to help you out with choosing the best engagement ring shape based on how your fingers are. We hope you find the appropriate one. 

• For wider fingers:

You may want to opt for a larger diamond to go with your wide fingers. Fortunately, lab-grown diamonds lets you get an even larger diamond for your budget.

• For longer fingers or skinny hands: 

Round stones look specifically adorable and solitaire engagement ring styles will be sure to shine. Wider bands are a good alternative too, as they will draw focus to the length of your fingers without looking irresistible.

• For square fingers or hands:

Oval-cut, marquise-cut, or pear-cut diamonds create the mirage of a longer, slimmer finger. Kindly avoid square-shaped diamonds, like princess-cut diamonds or Asscher-cut diamonds. These diamonds can louden the square shape of your fingers/hands.

• For large knuckles:

People with large knuckles should know that bigger is indeed better because you have the chance to go for eye-catching, more contemporary designs. We also suggest a unique court shape on the inside of your wedding ring as it characterizes a circled facet. 


Now that everything is right before your eyes, we don’t think it is going to be any difficult for you to choose your ideal engagement ring shape. 

We hope you understand how important role a diamond shape plays in one’s life while deciding to buy the best one to cherish forever.