Tips For Buying A Lab Diamond Engagement Ring


Purchasing lab-grown diamonds can be astounding. There is a lot that we are ignorant to, and it’s simple to come down to the wrong purchase conclusion. Contrarily, if you know how to verify and assess diamonds, you will doubtlessly both save money and result in a much improved product. Read our blog to learn more about lab diamond engagement ring buying tips.

That is why we have penned down this stepwise guide to buying a Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring. Now you can get your apt lab-grown diamond! We’ve written it in segments so you can jump steps if you are already knowledgeable in some concepts of the diamond choosing process.

How to choose Lab Diamond Engagement Rings?

It’s always better to be acquainted with the facts before you jump to any conclusion. So, here we are, to share with you, the top tips of buying lab grown diamond engagement rings. Check them out:

• Master the fundamentals of 4C’s of diamond:

The foremost thing you need to know is that diamonds are all about the radiance. The sparkle is what makes diamonds so distinctive and why you should go for them. 

The 4 C’s will help you find out the quality of your diamond as well as essentially influence the cost. While enlightening yourself, remember that the IGI certificate is your go-to to all the details of the diamond. 

• Set your expectations & budget:

As many of them might have an irrational expectation about the budget, this is essential to learn about the price estimation for buying a diamond. With the decrease in the prices drastically, more customers are now able to get what they have set their vision on. 

Many people have a particular carat weight aimed at and are ready to pay x dollars for it. Although the 4 C’s are important, each grade is discrete for every diamond – because EVERY diamond is special. If budget is essential, opt for a lower clarity grade as most incorporations aren’t evident from the naked eye.

• Choose the correct setting and shape:

Initially, determine the purpose of the diamond, whether it is for your engagement, proposal, no strings attached? Whether it is a studded earring, a ring, a necklace?

The most talked about shape certainly is the round brilliant. The shape has been impeccable to reflect as much light as possible. Although, due to high demand, it is also the most costliest shape.

Later, decide on what metal the setting will be made of. The metal’s color luminance influences what cut, clarity, and color grades you should opt for. 

• Get your piece customized or just go with the set:

For most people, we recommend building their own set, i.e., choosing their own diamonds. However, there are some cases where we advise people to go with a ready-made set, especially for those who are either in a hurry or are confused with the selection of designs. 

Even if you are in a hurry, sellers who are genuine will sell you the best piece; however, to be on a safer side, ensure to inspect everything, consult multiple other sellers and take a second opinion. 

• Always prefer Lab-grown engagement rings over mined diamond rings:

It is a no-brainer that lab grown diamond engagement rings are a preferred choice for obvious reasons like lower environmental social burden, affordability and similarity. 

• Decide where to buy from:

The toughest and clueless question you’d definitely need help with – which seller would be the best. Preferably, you want to check out the stock and rates with a few sellers. Although, we greatly advise buying online for the following reasons:

  • Stock supply will be almost enduringly bigger.
  • Costs will almost always be essentially lower.
  • Your buying experience is almost endorsed to be better.

Make sure that the seller provides the below at the least:

  • 30 day (or more) money back guarantee, free returns and exchanges.
  • Delivery should be inclusive of completely covered and need that someone signs off on the delivery.
  • HD-resolution and enhanced 360-degree images with which you can easily oversee inclusions and flaws, shine and dark textures. Color should be clearly evident.
  • Foundation must be approving and guiding professionals. Try inquiring a few questions using their chat or email.

• Set a carat weight for your ring:

Consider that this is only a base. You’ll probably come back and downscale later. You can more or less randomly set a carat and return to this step when you have a price implication.

• Choose your cut grade:

This is possibly one of the easiest steps. You want to go for either accomplished or optimal. For brilliant-type fancy cuts, you should also restrict your search to excellent/idea cut grades. 

Once you have concluded on one or more diamonds, correlate their cuts perceptibly by verifying the HD 360-degree images. If you are purchasing a set, ensure that the table (surface) is of nearly equal size.

• Decide on clarity grade:

First, curtailing your preferences by overlooking flawless and internally flawless. Next, we advise that you limit your range between VS1 and SI2 for the optimum ratio between clarity and price when purchasing a round brilliant cut diamond.

Once you have confined your selection, it’s time for some manual labor. Compare the diamonds and try finding any flaws or blemishes evident to the naked eye – looking at HD 360-degree images. 

• Pick color grade:

To amend other characteristics of the diamond, you should lower past the colorless grades of D, E, and F and start at the near-colorless grades of H to J/K. 

If you have selected a perfect or ideal cut, then the brilliance will sparkle through the very faint color of the H to J grades. This is specifically the case with the fiery brilliant-type cuts. 

• Verify the certificates:

When you have decided on stone, verify the grading certificates. Most grading laboratories grade lab-grown diamonds, but IGI is at present the leading lab, so your lab-created stone will probably be graded by them. 

If the seller does not have the certificate handy, just distance yourself from him. Although, you should always be able to acquire the certificate, and the bestseller has a direct link to it online.


Engagements/weddings are a breakthrough of varieties. Make it unique. Contribute your time and energy in inquiring about diamonds before purchasing one. Your proposal is the one moment that you and your partner will remember and live forever, and the ring you choose will be a symbol of it. 

Do not worry about it, though. This blog encloses almost everything you will need to make the right choice. At Padme Jewels, we are standing right here with you every step of the way.