Engagement and Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas


Personalization & customisation are the words that spring to everyone’s mind when it comes to wedding/engagement/personal gifts/gifting someone else/anniversary or anything for that matter. It has been buzzing a lot among weddings especially. Read our blog to know more about engagement and wedding ring engraving ideas.

And nothing is better than jewelry when it comes to customisation. People now-a-days are very particular & unique in terms of gifts so they prefer thoughtful ones over ready-made things. And the trending idea mostly among the couples has been “engraving” with either a secret message that stays between them or their partner’s name or any symbol that represents their love. 

It is funny but it takes more time for the customers to decide what they want to engrave than it takes for the machine to act. 

Well, you don’t want to choose the wrong engraving or do something that could massively change the way your ring looks. 

Do you actually need to engrave your wedding/engagement ring when nobody would even know?

The answer is “not really” but if you are someone who likes to keep a secret of something that’s solely between you & your partner, this is the best way you can think of. 

While you definitely don’t have to get a ring engraving, it acts as a private message for you and your partner to share. A pet name, a love quote, a hymn or even a joke that only you are aware of can be an ideal engraving idea. Moreover, an engraving can act as a remembrance of your wedding. You might want to add your wedding date, the date when you first met or kissed or went on a date or anything that is a memory you both hold. 

Plus, carving your ring customizes it and makes it something that absolutely belongs to you. Oh also, someday, God Forbidden, if you happen to lose your ring, with the help of the engraving, you can find it easily.

Is engraving your wedding ring a reliable option?

If you are planning to engrave your wedding/engagement band/ring, it can be a little intimidating to entrust your local jewelry with it as it would get marked by a laser machine. But, once you visit your local jeweler, he would be the best one to recommend the best options for you. 

The only drawback that our customers face is if your lab-created wedding band is too narrow to engrave, there would be a spacing issue for engraving from a technical point of view. But if we say, engraving is safe, well, indeed it is. All you have to do is check every possible thing with your jeweler before engraving. 

How much does a wedding ring engraving costs?

The cost of wedding ring engraving differs across jewelers, but it’s usually dependent on the number of words in the message, the type of font used, and whether it will be engraved by hand or machine. 

The average cost ranges anywhere from $50-$100 and most rings settle between 15-30 characters. Machine engraving happens to be cheaper, while hand-engraving can at times cost you more but it does add a special hand-crafted feel. 

How can you get your Lab Grown Diamond Engagement/Wedding Ring Engraved?

When you place an order for your ring, you can request an engraving with your local jeweler but it’s not necessary that every jeweler who makes a ring would do the engraving part too. But nothing to worry, he can always suggest you to the specific person who specializes in engraving. 

At Padme Jewels, our customers sometimes happen to purchase a ring normally first and they come back after their wedding to engrave names/quotes, etc. We request all our customers who come to us for engraving that they write down the proper spelling, words, phrases or whatever in a piece of paper, double-check and then submit it to us so that there is zero scope of miscommunication.

Main Question: How long does the Engraving take?

Well, there are so many people with varied mindsets and likings. We can’t really suggest just one category for engravings. Therefore, we have collated a few of our best engraving ideas assorted category-wise. Hope you find yours!!

Traditional Engravings:

Traditional engravings for your lab diamond engagement rings or lab created wedding bands can often be inspirational like maybe the initials of your partner, some quotes, wedding date, etc. 

Other traditional engraving ideas include:

  • The name of a place that matters to you both. 
  • Your pet names for each other. 
  • Words like “Love,” “Forever,” “Heart’ and “Always.”
  • Words from your marriage vows, such as “Till death do us apart.”, “I’ll always hold your hand”, “I’ll never leave you”, etc
  • The infinity symbol.

Engravings in various other languages:

Most people prefer to keep their messages secret from their family or friends or relatives and that’s when this comes into picture. You can choose to translate whatever you want to write in a language that would be hard for people to understand. 

Some ideas that we could suggest you with are as below:

  • je t’aime in German means “I love you”
  • Bugendai in Japanese means “infinity”
  • i gcónaí & go deo in Irish means “Always & forever”

Famous Quotes/Sayings:

The possibilities can be that either you are fond of quotes or there is something that is related to your partner that is to be kept secret or a song. 

Here are just a few ideas to help you get inspired.

  • “If you are a bird, I’m a bird” from the film “Notebook”.
  • “To me, you are perfect”, which is from the movie Love Actually.
  • “I wish I knew how to quit you.” from the movie “Brokeback Mountain”

Funny Engravings:

We love sense of humor, don’t you? Who doesn’t? Well, if you or your partner is funny, you can go for some humorous engravings. Check out some ideas below:

  • “I’ll kill you if you leave me, ever”
  • “Do not touch”
  • “Stuck with me forever”
  • “Terms and conditions applied”

Symbols for Engravings:

It does not always have to words, phrases or quotes. It can also be a simple symbol as well. Again, it depends on person-to-person. You can engrave something like below:

  • A maple leaf (very common)
  • An infinity symbol
  • Heart
  • A seashell

Out of the box Engravings:

If you are filthy rich and are very much passionate about your wedding, you can go for this option of recording your wedding vows and have the audio converted into pictorial soundwaves to customize onto your rings after the wedding. 


Now that we come to the end of this blog, we hope you have understood what you need to choose. Make sure you consult and check everything before you place an order for your lab diamond engagement rings or lab created diamond wedding band so that you don’t face any harsh consequences.