Gift Guide for all the Women in your Life


We love seeing men who go beyond to see sparkling happiness in their women’s eyes and there is no other special way to express your love than jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings. Read our blog to explore more about the gift guide for women.

Can you imagine the level of happiness your partner might feel when you would be gifting a diamond engagement ring as a form of proposal? Ask us, it is out of the world. Well, irrespective of what the occasion is, we have collated the best gifting guide for all the women out there just in case you are confused.

Whether you’re chasing a timeless, natural diamond, lab-created engagement rings, diamond pendant, diamond stud earrings or a dazzling synthetic diamond ring, Padme Jewels is the destination to go if you want a satisfactory quality engagement ring at an affordable budget. 

You’ll want to choose the right diamond and inclusions so you know you’re not taking the back seat. Once you share all the necessary information, we can help you select the perfect ring matching your expectations.

Let’s talk about the types of diamonds you will deal with and which one you should go for:

Types of Diamonds:

• Natural Diamonds:

With ethically-sourced, top-notch diamonds, you can make your purchase with tranquility of mind. Whether you’re going for a white gold or silver diamond band, you know this trusted diamond seed is worth the outlay. 

• Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-created diamond rings are effectively identically from natural-sourced diamonds to the naked eye, and are created in a lab environment using a high pressure called chemical vapor deposition. 

Lab diamonds have similar physical elements to naturally mined diamonds, making them brilliant. Our lab-created diamonds are also verified by the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute so you can be assured of their quality. 

• Man-made Diamonds:

Rather than using cubic zirconia or Moissanite, Padme Jewel’s Simulated Diamonds are made from a material that more meticulously imitates a natural diamond, which gives them extra value at a more affordable budget.

Ring Design:

Buying diamonds is not the end of your job; your actual job starts when you start learning about the design you need for your perfect diamond jewelry. PadmeJewels offers custom lab grown diamond engagement rings for your every perfect occasion. We value your choices and we make sure to deliver the best quality diamonds that match your preferences and tastes. 

We would like to cover a few important elements you need to consider while deciding the design of your diamond ring.

Diamond Shape:

Once you’ve selected your stone, there are many diamond cuts to choose from out of which princess, round, oval, pear and baguette cuts are the most renowned choices, but the emerald cut is slowly making a rebound. You’ll also want to consider the carat of diamond here, too.

Band Material:

All of Padme Jewels diamond jewelry is made with your preferences of precious metals: platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. Sterling silver is another excellent option for the keen eye.

Diamond Setting:

There is a massive variety of alternatives to make when it comes to ring setting, such as a solitaire gemstone, cathedral style, halo,  or three-stone rings. Regardless of which gem setting you choose, the style you pick should reflect the personality of that special someone.

Earrings for Her:

PadmeJewels might be the best go-to for diamond engagement rings, but different events demand different types of jewelry, and diamond stud earrings are an elegant way to show someone in your life how important they are. As with choosing a diamond ring, there are different styles of diamond earrings:

• Stud Earrings:

Amazingly cut diamonds add a shine to the earlobe when enclosed in a stud setting. We have multiple options in stud earrings as well depending on your tastes: gemstone studs, pearl studs, metal studs, etc. These really go well if you have styled a pair of jeans or a wedding dress. 

• Dangle Drop Earrings:

Created from metal, these earrings may highlight diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of metals to accomplish a unique look. Drop earrings can orbit from an inch long to approximately shoulder length, so you’re confident to find a pair that will look fantastic with any outfit. You can choose from multiple options like chandelier, hoops, etc.

• Hoop Earrings:

Hoops persist to be a popular trend in the 21st century. They will stay classy always as hoops are minimalistic, and make you feel voguish irrespective of your age. Some popular hoop earrings are: metal, diamond, etc. 

Pendants to her Surprise:

Diamond pendants are classy, with a simple and vintage design. However, even within this classic design, there are so many ways to shift up the style of a diamond pendant to make it exclusively yours. There are three types of settings for diamond solitaire pendants: prong settings, bezel settings, and halo settings. Let’s look at the most popular pendant settings below:

• Prong Setting:

Prong settings are a classic option, and they’re likely what you imagine when you think of a diamond pendant. In a prong setting, prongs designed from precious metal sensitively hold your diamond intact, while also letting your diamond grab maximum light from all sides.

• Bezel Setting:

Bezel settings are highly safe, provide your diamond excellent safety from bangs or drops, and they have a lovely contemporary look. 

• Halo Setting:

Halo settings add brightness to your pendant and also fools your eye into assuming your center diamond is larger than it in reality is. Halo settings are a perfect go-to option if you want a diamond pendant with a bit more shine, jolt, and charm.


This never-ending process of selecting a pair of diamond earrings is going to be a smooth one if you read the above blog and get what you have been searching for. Also, if you are a huge admirer of quality-oriented diamond earrings, you’ve reached the right place!!