Jewelry Style Tips you need to know in 2023

Tips for choosing the right jewelry in 2023

Want to know about jewelry styling tips? Well, read our blog to learn more about the tips for choosing the right jewelry in 2023.

The most common mistake that women make is styling their attire with the wrong jewelry piece. We all have faced situations of jewelry styling where we have been just staring at the jewelry box, wondering which piece to wear. After a lot of stress and anxiety, finally we settle down to wearing anything that might not even fit to what you’ve been wearing. 

When you assemble an outfit, it’s indeed the little details that pull it all together and make it an adhesive and distinctive look. One detail that is crucial to get right for your daily outfits is jewelry! When adding jewelry to your outfits, there are brilliant ways to make it look perfect — and ways that don’t work so well.

The brilliant news is that we’ve gathered a bundle of available jewelry style and fashion tips and tricks to help you wear fine, fashion and costume jewelry that embellishes your taste of style, personality and wardrobe.

To make things easy for you, here are a few best tips for choosing the right jewelry in 2023. Let’s take a look:

• Stacking your jewelry:

We hardly think layering is not a trend today as all the orders that we are receiving are customized with an intent of matching it with an existing ring. Try different things with various lengths, patterns, and colors when stacking rings, necklaces, bangles, and even earrings to create charming layers.

Layering means adding multiple elements of the same jewelry type to make a massive look. For instance, you can try adding a small gold necklace with a medium-sized gold necklace to your outfit to create some chic look, especially on western wear! 

Stacking does not just fit with necklaces, but it also goes well with bangles and in some cases, also with earrings. You need to make sure the combination goes well with your outfit and doesn’t look odd-one-out. 

Mix-and-match metals:

The best way to style your jewelry is experimenting with mixing different metals. A better way to start is trying to add together different bracelets, rings, or bangles with various colored metals until you find the ideal match. 

Emerald cut ring stacked with a gold lab grown diamond band, pear cut lab grown diamond ear stud with long dangle drop earrings…the options are endless. A little bit of cut and try and you’re confined to the ground on a fusion that feels like alchemy!

• Stop where you feel is enough:

If your layered necklaces/earrings are enough to grab the eyeballs towards you, you don’t have to bother about adding more necklaces or earrings. Over-adorning the jewelry can result in a fashion tragedy and hints that you are trying way too much, than it’s required. 

While styling jewelry, you need to be aware of when to stop. If you have a good feeling about something you are wearing, it is certainly enough. You don’t have to go gaga while styling every piece of jewelry you already have. Sometimes matching earrings and necklaces can take the beauty of your evening outfit to another level. 

Ascertain the center of attention of your outfit:

There are different focal points of your body, such as your face, wrists and neck. Once you select the body part that you want to feature, you can opt the jewelry accordingly.

For instance, if you’re going to illuminate your face, you can wear more striking earrings while choosing more gentle and minimalist jewelry for your neck and wrists. Finding out these focal points will help you design your jewelry the way you want it.

It’s also crucial to ascertain whether you want people to spotlight your dress or jewelry. If you’re going to grab eyeballs to your jewelry, even a minimum dress with eye-catching jewelry can work like magic.

Don’t turn crazy behind trends:

Trends would not stay the same forever; it will change with seasons. It’s perfectly fine if you follow the trend but blindly following it even if that does not go well with your personality, will only ruin your looks. 

Try to emerge your style with the time that makes you feel bold and matches your personality. You may face some disapproval for that, but it is okay as long as you are content with your outfit and jewelry. Never go extravagant with trends; adhere to what suits you the best while experimenting with new jewelry trends.

Go for a custom jewelry/customize your jewelry for a change:

It goes without saying how custom jewelry is setting the trend, be it for an artist, athlete, bollywood celebrity, a wedding/engagement bride, dancer, etc. Reason being, it purely connects a person with an emotion. 

If you have an event to attend or you are going to an anniversary dinner, you can check out our website which is absolutely and purely for custom jewelry. 

• Try an “all-rounder/multi-purpose” jewelry:

You cannot be under the impression that your jewelry would complement every outfit that you own. However, you can always go for basic jewelry that would do with any outfit you wear/adorn. This way you can save your time and also save yourself from being confused. 

Go bold with colors:

Jewelry is a great way to add a charm to your outfit. It can help you be distinct, adapt, or express your personality and mood. 

Go for bold colors or gentle tones. Blending them up will let you play around with various shades of one hue that work well together. For example: stacking turquoise earrings with a pink necklace will help you stand out.


We hope this blog has given you some motivation and confidence for your next jewelry shopping journey. You can follow the given tips for choosing the right jewelry in 2023 or even try something of your own to be the next trend setter. Just make sure you don’t over do anything to spoil your look.