Guide To Choose The Right Diamond Stud Earrings


What could be a perfect gift this new year for your loved one? If you ask us, it has to be diamonds, moreover, a pair of diamond stud earrings. They are vintage and can be styled with a variety of outfits in innumerable ways. It can be tough to ascertain which diamond shape, quality, and setting style is ideal for you or your loved one. 

While finding your eternal diamond stud earrings, it’s important to walk through a mental agenda before purchasing. We know – it’s hard to combat when you wander by a window with a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. But, if you do a little analysis and plot your purchase, it will make sure you invest in high-quality jewelry that matches your price range. 

Read on to understand the guide to buying the right pair of Lab Diamond Earrings:

Set your budget: 

Buying diamonds is not usual; in fact for few, it is a huge deal. You don’t purchase diamonds often, it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and so, you need to make sure it turns out to be the best and extraordinary one. If you are buying diamond stud earrings for your wedding, we are sure you’d let go of your budget a bit & invest in something concrete. 

If the size and quality of the diamonds make no difference to you, you are allowed to pay less. If you are craving for large, transparent diamond studs free of flaws and with an Excellent cut grade, be prepared to pay more. If the price of diamond stud earrings appalls you, remember that you are purchasing two diamonds and the jewelry designer must make sure their 4Cs match.

Select your desired shape: 

You’ll find diamond stud earrings in a variety of shapes and cuts. Each has its own unique specialty and allure. Because of this, there is no suggested best shape or cut. Amongst all the shapes, Pear cut & round cut are two diamond stud earrings that are absolutely trending right now!!

We have the pear shape also known as a teardrop shape, which is simple yet bold. It has become progressively famous with today’s shopper, as more and more people find jewelry that makes them stand out in the crowd. Check out one of our best pear-shaped diamond stud earrings.

And about round shape, this is the most commonly worn diamond stud earrings and has ultimate brightness, fire and shine in a transparent diamond. This makes it a trending option for diamond studs. Check out one of our best round-shaped diamond stud earrings.

Select your favorable cut:

Today, we have a lot of options when it comes to a diamond cut and you can choose from the below ones:

Princess cut has a unique look, with its square face. The princess diamond cut is comparably new. It was formed in the 1960s and rapidly acquired fame due to its brilliance and comparatively lower price per carat than round diamonds. Princess shaped diamonds are a perfect way to get more enchantment out of each carat. 

Cushion cut (also called old mine cut) was the most favored cut for many years, until it was cornered out by the round cut. The top of this shape of diamond looks a little like a square with rounded corners. This cut is most probably to have more brilliance and many people today are attracted to its timeless look.

Emerald cut looks a bit like a stretched asscher but it has a surprisingly unique cut. It is a step cut rather than a brilliant cut like most diamonds. This means that it doesn’t have quite the shine of brilliant diamonds but it looks bigger.

Select the right metal:

Choosing the perfect metal for your diamond earring setting may be a do-able task for some, while others need a bit more direction. There are three factors you need to consider while selecting the right metal to pair with your diamond studs. 

Factors for diamond stud metal include:

  • weight
  • color
  • possible metal sensitivities

Diamond earrings weight:

Weight is not a particular factor most consider when selecting diamond earrings. However, it’s worth guiding yourself on metal weights before you shop. The larger the carat, the bigger it appears, therefore the heftier it is. 

For diamond earrings, you can only wear a certain weight to stay comfortable & feel lighter. You should go from 0.10 Ct to 4.00 Ct diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings color:

For lab diamond earrings, the most famous & trending colors are white gold and platinum, with yellow and rose gold not too far behind. White gold and platinum have that vintage, sophisticated quality while yellow and rose gold organically have a warmer, more royal touch to them. Finally, the preference of metal/color is based on personal tastes.

Diamond earrings allergies:

This is one of the more crucial but least identified factors of metal choice. Some people will naturally be inclined to react to certain types of metal. Nickel is the most usual type of metal allergy, which can be present in some gold alloys. 

But, what are we for? We will help you find hypoallergenic metals, which are the most inactive types of jewelry on the market. For example, platinum is a metal choice that hardly causes allergic reactions. You will probably know if you have an allergy to some metals, however, if the earrings are aimed to be a gift, it might be worth finding out if the receiver has any allergy.

Select the right setting:

The setting is an important aspect of diamond stud earrings. Whether these Diamond Stud Earrings are for women or men, the bases are made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or sterling silver. These alternatives are what make them look distinctive.

The settings for studs are commonly either bezel or prong settings. Bezel settings are made with a periphery that entirely adjoins the corner of the diamond, offering the stone with ultimate security. Prong settings ideally have anywhere from three to eight prongs that retain the diamond close to the setting while letting maximum light pass through. This creates more shine & brilliance.

Look for a setting that shows an excellent artistry and regularity. The best settings are crafted to amplify the beauty and shine of the diamond, as well as the receiver.

Are you good at saving the earring backs for a long time? 

To avert losing your diamond earrings, you’ll want to find earrings with a reliable and secure backing.

The push backing, also known as a butterfly backing or a friction backing, is the most popular because they’re easy to wear and remove without a lot of drama & doesn’t eat up your time.

Screw backs are cherry-picked by some earring admirers. Stud earrings with screw backs have a larger diameter and are therefore more safe. Those who don’t wear them very often may find screw back earrings sore and time-consuming to put in or take out. 

Finally, we’d like to point out that fashion should always be about the individual wearing it, comfortably and how. Consider your skin tone, hair color and the segments of your face in order to ascertain the best carat weight, diamond shape, and setting style. With diamond stud earrings, you have a broad range of options when it comes to customizing them.


This blog to choose the ideal diamond stud earrings assures to give you a crystal-clear understanding of everything you need to consider, before shopping for your diamond jewelry. The more you know, the smoother the process of shopping, giving you the chance to enjoy the whole shopping experience rather than stressing too much about making any wrong decisions.