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5 jewelry essentials every wardrobe needs

What do women want?  Can women spend their whole life with one kind of jewelry...

4 Engagement ring trends to know for 2023

Our blog “4 Engagement Ring Trends to Know for 2023” has seen partners putting a...

Guide To Choose The Right Diamond Stud Earrings

What could be a perfect gift this new year for your loved one? If you...

Gift Guide for all the Women in your Life

We love seeing men who go beyond to see sparkling happiness in their women’s eyes...

What are the 4C’s of Diamonds?

Previously, people used to compare the diamond’s color with that of river or water to...

Why You Should Buy Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you befuddled while buying a present for your partner to express your love for...

Everything you need to know about Lab Grown Diamonds

Generally, people are often unsure to buy Lab-grown diamonds since they have a fear of...

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