Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquettes


Proposing to your significant other is an astounding turning point the two of you will cherish forever. Cherry-picking the ideal engagement ring to illustrate this precious moment is supreme. However, the process of searching and buying the right engagement ring can be intimidating. This blog is all about learning about the Engagement ring shopping tips.

Engagement ring shopping is a thrilling experience, but if we’re talking sense, it can also be a nail-biting one. Buying an engagement ring is a big moment that demands two main things: choosing a ring your partner will love, and actually paying for the ring.

But regardless of what you spend or the kind of ring you buy, the engagement ring shopping experience will go much more efficiently if you prepare much in advance. 

This is the sole reason we’ve created this list of engagement ring shopping do’s and don’ts to help you understand what you should be aware of before you head to your local wedding jeweler, including engagement ring basics, how to find out what your partner wants in a ring, and ways to maximize your budget.

DO: Learn the basics:

Before you go shopping for an engagement ring, enhance the basics. Learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds — color, cut, clarity and carats — as well as the types of metals and settings. You might want to acquaint yourself with natural and lab-grown diamonds too.

The Four C’s of Diamonds:

Color: While it might be shining and crystal clear to the naked eye, a diamond’s color comes in many shades. It can vary from truly colorless to yellowish to a light brown. Colorless diamonds are extraordinary, which makes them more precious too.  

Cut: A quality diamond cut made by a proficient craftsman helps to produce extra brilliance and shine. A higher grade means a perfect cut, getting the most shine out of your diamond or gemstone.

Clarity: Flaws and blemishes make a diamond extraordinary and indistinctive. Cross check the clarity chart to see where it falls or look for yourself through the microscope. 

Carat: In simple words, “carats” is the diamond’s weight. A single metric carat equals one-quarter of a gram.

• DO: Look for hints:

If the topic of marriage has ever come up in conversation between you and your partner, possibilities are, the thought of an engagement ring has also struck your minds. Your partner might be dropping ultra fine hints about the type of ring they’d perfectly want someday, and if you’re ready to start engagement ring shopping, we have some amazing ways to find out. 

Start by hunting their Pinterest boards for any trending jewelry or ring inspiration—and if you’re really feeling like a scout, you can look out for other people’s engagement photos and proposal stories!

Another way to find out which type of engagement ring would be ideal for your partner is to ask their best friend or a close relative, like a sister or mom, for their likes & dislikes. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to do a little bit of distinct shovel in your partner’s jewelry box. 

Focus on their everyday embellishments: are they bold and colorful, or low-key and classic? These details will help you come to a conclusion which type of engagement ring would be the best fit.

• DO: Determine your budget and hunt accordingly:

It bears repeating – before you shop for engagement rings, have a clear budget in mind. Look at rings within your budget and try not to get engrossed by something above your means. 

Be amiable and direct with the salesman about your price range and humbly let them know if they are showing rings out of your budget range. This will help them and show you the rings within your range.

DO: Choose the setting first:

When you’re shopping for an engagement ring, usually, you should select the setting first. This is the foundation part of the ring that will hold the main stone(s) intact — common engagement ring settings include halo, prong, solitaire, baguette and split-shank. 

When selecting the setting, you’ll also need to decide which engagement ring metal you want the ring to have. Both will ascertain the cut and color of the center diamond.

• DO: Customize together:

Wondering about creating an engagement ring that’s completely personalized? We suggest designing it along with your partner, or at least conferring with them first to get their thoughts. Since a custom ring has critically limitless prospects, this is a chance to bring your creative minds together and illustrate something that mirrors your partner’s personal style in an unusual way. 

• DO: Probe and clear your mind:

When you’re shopping for engagement rings, there are some evident and not-so-evident questions you should ask a jeweler before making a buy. Be sure to include the following concepts:

  • How do I interpret my partner’s ring size, and what if I purchase the wrong size?
  • Do you provide routine ring support, like ring wiping services and size adjustments? 
  • Will I need to purchase engagement ring insurance?
  • Is there an upgrade policy with the ring? How long does it last and what does it cover?
  • Are all the ring materials (including the diamond and metal) strife-free?
  • Are your diamonds approved by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gemological Society (AGS)?

DON’T: Hurry the shopping act:

While most engagement rings are bought about two months before the actual announcement, we suggest starting to hunt engagement rings at least six months before you’re planning on plighting one’s troth. This duration not only offers a lot of time to consider your partner’s style, but it also gives you a chance to save money.

• DON’T: assume that you’ll have to pay more:

This centuries-old “regulation” dates back to a time when average salaries and cost of living were much lower. Always remember how much you plan to spend is a personal choice — ask yourself what you can adequately bestow considering your income, other expenses, and most crucially, the cost of a future wedding! 

• DON’T: feel pressurized at the jewelry store:

It isn’t necessary to buy the ring on the first go. Take ample time to think, gather enough knowledge before paying. The last thing you want to do is purchase a ring that you probably won’t even wear if you don’t like it. 


Well, a proposal can be the most precious moment in anyone’s life. So, embrace it with the best engagement diamond ring, let your tears roll down your eyes and celebrate this moment without any regrets.

Even with all the information, engagement ring shopping can be astounding. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our expert jewelers, who will be able to walk you through the buying process.