Ultimate Christmas Gift Buying Guide For Diamond Jewelry


Christmas is right around the corner and we are sure you’d want to give yourself or family or loved one a perfect gift and what else could be ideal other than diamond jewelry? Read our blog below which is all about diamond jewelry Christmas gift buying guide. This Christmas, express your love and gratitude for the special people in your life. Whether it’s your fiancé, wife, mom or best friend, an elegant piece of jewelry makes for a remarkable gift.

Hunting a significant Christmas gift is well worth the effort. Rather than a gift that they’ll not even remember in a year, a piece of diamond jewelry will be cherished for years to come.

When choosing jewelry for a loved one, take into consideration their preferences. Do you often see them with a studded necklace or a pair of dangle-drop earrings? Do they prefer bracelets or pendants? Go for something extraordinary to make them feel extra spesh.

Our blog is collated with diamond jewelry Christmas gift buying guide ideas. For mom, granny or your girlfriend, choose holiday diamond jewelry that will become a souvenir. From diamond necklaces to bracelets, you’ll find something or the other that would never go out of style and that would match your taste. 

Below you will find help living the journey of choosing a diamond holiday gift: how to find out her taste, the types of jewelry that make the best gifts, and which gifts she’ll like the best. If you are planning to surprise her like never before this season and give her a gift of diamonds, then you’ve come to the right place and we hope you find your forever ideal gift from our website. 


Simple diamond studs are one thing that goes with every woman’s wardrobe, weekdays and weekends, no matter what the occasion is. Available at all the budget prices, all you have to do is come to a conclusion with the carat weight, cut, quality and metal, and you have a gift that practically any woman with pierced ears would be excited to welcome. 

If she already has diamond studs, or if her taste happens to be a little more trendy or flashy, look for diamond dangle drop earrings. Drops come either as a stud or zigzag style earring for pierced ears, and often highlight a pear-shaped diamond in a more expanded setting. Hoops are another trending style that can go from dressy to sporty based on her attire.

The earrings we recommend are from the best diamond collection in the industry. Their jewelry and settings are made with precaution and care.

Diamond earring Christmas gift ideas:


A diamond pendant makes a holiday gift she’ll cherish forever. For something minimalist, there’s a solitaire pendant and a detachable chain to hang it from. 

Again, cut, size, quality and metal will be your deciding factors. For the more classy woman, there’s a bundle of selection of diamond pendants that will intrigue her trendy side — ideal if she has the diamond “basics” covered in her jewelry wardrobe. 

From diamond-smudged pendants highlighting her name or a meaningful word such as “love” or “faith,” to charms with significant monograms such as a cross, star shaped, four-leaf trefoil, heart or her initials, the sky’s the limit. Choose something that holds a special meaning for you both for an especially romantic gift.

Diamond pendant Christmas gift ideas:

Wedding Bands:

An all-time motif of love and loyalty, wedding bands come in a broad array of styles and designs to make sure that each band is well suited for the customer. 

From classic bands to more contemporary designs, PadmeJewels brings an extraordinary range of wedding bands for women and men to choose from. 

Explore our selection to find just the right diamond wedding band so that you’re all set when the big day ultimately arrives. 

Diamond wedding band Christmas gift ideas:

Engagement/Wedding diamond rings: 

If you’re already engaged or married, giving a diamond ring she can wear along with her bridal jewelry (irrespective of left or right hand) is a walkover. A wedding diamond ring style that’s a bit more classic or vogue than her bridal jewelry makes a very red-carpet gift.

Contemplate choosing a diamond ring accentuated by color gemstones to add some finesse to her jewelry closet. A right-hand ring with a floral design (if she loves out-of-the-box designs) or a simple, square-cut stone in a bezel setting (if she likes more simple styles) will be something she’ll want to flaunt every day of the week.

If you’re not married or engaged, trudge carefully in the ring region. Irrespective of what her style or your budget is, there’s a unique piece of diamond jewelry that will make this holiday season one to relive.

Diamond wedding/engagement ring Christmas gift ideas:

Don’t hold back on your doubts. If you want to surprise your loved one this season with a beautiful minimalist and gorgeous gift, it has to be diamond jewelry without a second thought. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, needless to say, but before buying diamonds, you need to know a lot about the 4C’s of diamonds, diamond shapes, styles & settings so you can make a decision that you will not regret and will cherish forever. 

Take a look at our above blog to know everything about diamond jewelry Christmas gift buying guide to find your perfect choice of diamond jewelry and make someone’s day even better.